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V.A. - Alchemic Recipe
Release date : 27 Feb 2014
By Sonic Loom Music

     Va Alchemic Recipe

01. Petran - Oneiros
02. Atomas - Salt Island
03. Muscaria & Antonymous - The Lost Souls Of A Future Past
04. Ordo Ab Chao & Antonymous -Animistic Mysteries
05. Tromo - End Of Freedom
06. OhmInside & FreakPlanet - Supernatural
07. Drury Nevil - Spectral Pitch
08. Quadraphonic - Brain Defragment
09. Band Crash - Stone Effect
10. Orestis - Elixir

Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao,
Mastered by Petran.
Graphics by Planarstrokes.

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Everyone is a potential alchemist. One can heal oneself and
others spiritually and physically through internal procedures,
using tangible and intangible ingredients.
In this recipe we propose audio versions of emotions and thoughts.
We suggest a strong and loud dose, in a natural or adapted
environment. Music heals by transforming vibrations.
The purpose is the conscious transformation of the mortal into the immortal and spiritual.

In case of overdose, blame universe...



V.A. - Realization
Release date : Sep 2014
By Tantrumm Records

Va Realization Tantrumm Records       

01. Woodstalk - FAREBI JALEBI
02. This And That - HYDROPANIC
03. Cubic Structures - WILL O WISP
04. Pura Vida - ORESTIS
05. Viva Bong - OHMINSIDE
06. 6 Legs Déjà Vu (Perro Mix) - KASHYYYK
07. Neohippy - ARCEK
08. Worlds Of Wisdom Limbertimbre - PSYKOVSKY
09. World Is Over (Act I Chapter One) - METTANOIA

Compiled by Fria Kermani
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“If you want to become whole, Let yourself be partial. If you want to become straight, Let yourself be crooked. If you want to become full, Let yourself be empty. If you want to be reborn, Let yourself die. If you want to be given everything, Give everything up.” Tao Te Ching 22



VA - Rhythmic Vision
Release date : June 2014
by Omveda Records

Va Rythmic Vision

01. Gu - H.a.a.r.p
02. Stranger - Psy Fi Adventure
03. Braindrop feat. Mubali - Squid in Space
04. Bubbleguns - Orenda
05. Chromatec - Voices from Beyond
06. Dissector - Are you experienced
07. Ohminside - Trip to Gaia
08. Circuit Theory - Analog Ego
09. Bodhi - Deep inside the forest
10. Karash - Metaminimal

Compiled By Sumith Suresh (Braindrop)
Artwork by Harmless Prankster

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Packed with solid grooves and clever abstract arrangements
here comes the latest installment from Omveda. Featuring tracks
from new label artists and established sonic wizards from all over
the world, our new compilation delivers one thing - Complete rhythmic
sonic bliss!                                             



V.A. - Immaterial World
Release date : June 2013
by Sonic Loom Music

Va Immaterial World

01. Atomas & Mamka - Captain Bungle
02. Yara - Calling The Spirit (Muscaria Rmx)
03. Paul Karma - Academic Philosophy
04. Psychoson - Hey U
05. Antonymous - Crystalline Matter
06. Band Crash - Abyssos
07. Noitrik - Confusion Solution
08. Digitalist & Sator Arepo - Illoominated
09. ZikOre - Universal Modules
10. OhmInside - Fuel Story

Compiled by Ordo Ab Chao
Mastering by Petran - Echology Studios
Artwork by Planarstrokes

Physical Order - Digital Download

...and the trees were born... Through a gentle breeze or a rabid storm eventually they grew,

got separated, unified again and finally loominated..

Loomination is the sound they produce.

Bright, at times dark, iridescent frequencies have created a multidimensional element to satisfy your ears and mind,
through a balanced mixture of technology and primal ecstatic rhythms..